About me

Christine Hirst

Age: 34

Occupation: High school Earth Science and Astronomy teacher

Education: Master's degree, CSUN '12, Credential, Cal State Fullerton '07, Bachelor's Humboldt State '04
Second Master's in progress, Space Studies and Planetary Science

Riding since 2002, Racing since 2003, Pro since 2008

Disciplines: Downhill,Enduro  and gated racing

Sponsors: Kali Protectives, Schwalbe, Camelback, Smith Optics, Troy Lee Designs, 5.10, Hayes, Atomlab, SDG

Coaching philosophy: Do or do not. There is no try (Yoda).  You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to. So much of riding is mental. Your bike was built for this stuff.

Children: Ashton Gunnar, age 8and Anders Orion, age 3, Barry (husband) age old

A little about me:

I was the queen of fear. I would approach an obstacle, whether a steep hill, a rock or a stream crossing with white knuckles, gritting my teeth, yet determined to make it through. when a ride was done, I would measure my worth by whether or not I conquered "it" or not. If not, I would spend hours going through it in my head. My competitive side led to a ridiculous amount of injuries, while my fear inhibited me from improving my skills. I rode with all guys, all of whom had an opinion of how I should ride, and had no problems telling me so. They were effortlessly fast, and I would abuse myself to try and catch them. "just lean back...just let off the brakes, look up!!!" I have heard it all. Perhaps you have as well.

Somehow I bashed myself through some successful race seasons, resulting in two National Championship titles (2005, 2007) in the Expert class, yet although perhaps my speed was improving, my skills were not. I was just repeating the same bad habits at a faster pace. During this time immediate following college graduation, I had many personal struggles including homelessness, serious debt and collections (if anyone can relate to the 7 years of credit purgatory, can I get an Amen?)  and some personal demons that had to be laid to rest. Then while riding my bike I met the man that would become my husband, and we had have two beautiful boys.

In early 2009 I attended an all women's clinic with Gene Hamilton, which I highly recommend.  My eyes were open. I always felt the symbiosis between my life on and off the bike, but this truly aligned my parallel lives. I truly believe some of the best decisions you make can be made on or as a result of a great ride. Although I had been riding for many years, I had been riding WRONG for many years. Before I would take the advice of anyone I rode with. Then they began asking me.
I always knew I wanted to coach. I am a teacher, and every job I have ever had has been related to teaching. In high school I taught horseback riding, tutored, taught dance, and in college coached gymnastics and directed a tutoring program. I then taught outdoor education and led summer trail crews, which naturally led into being a classroom teacher. I plan to obtain my doctorate (USC baby!) and teach other teachers, as well as open a school for at risk youth.
Long story short-I knew I had to share my passion with other riders, particularly women.

God is good, and I have been truly blessed in my life. I work at an amazing school, which is more than most teachers can say, and I love what I do. I have children who blow me away daily with their natural curiosity and intelligence, and all credit wounds healed, we are trying to buy a house. My husband graduated from USC with a master's in social work, and he works in a residential treatment facility with ex-offenders. We still race occasionally, and I recently won the Winter Series in Fontana, however I am focusing more and more on coaching. This is my passion.  Riding is more than the bike. We ride to transcend the chaos of the world, to find a part of us that only a flux of endorphins can reveal. I am honored to share in this journey with you.