Christine Hirst, Pro downhiller and USA Cycling certified MTB coach

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All clinics are not the same.

There are plenty of "coaches" that will teach you how to do an advanced skill, such as jumping or bunny hopping. But it all boils down to your fundamental skill sets. ALL skills are simply a progression of fundamentals. Without the core skills, you may see a little bit of improvement, but you will plateau. Fundamental skills not only improve your riding, but your outlook on life. You can find your strength and peace on a bike-perhaps you have already learned that. This increases exponentially when you have the skills to rode confidently and efficiently.  fear free, through any obstacle, every time. My methodology focuses on the skills you need to truly improve your riding, and gives you drills to practice at home, which is where the true work begins.

A significant portion of my coaching also focused on the mental aspect of riding and overcoming fear. Whether you are coming back from an accident or are trying to overcome mental obstacles, our mental approach to riding 100% influences our position on the bike. By addressing mental inhibitors, you can begin to really see and measure progress on the trail.

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